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How to Choose Your Trusted Advisor?

How to Choose Your Trusted Advisor?

Finding a Financial Partner is personal and could be one of the most important decisions you make. When you are disclosing your entire financial picture, your values, goals and delegate the creation and implementation of your plan, finding someone who has competence, integrity, professionalism, and cares about you is so important. With so many wolves in sheep’s clothing, how do you find the right person for you and your family?

Consider these questions to ask the Advisor:

  1. Is the Advisor a fiduciary (legally bound to place the interests of their clients above their own)?

  2. Is there a structured process for creating a comprehensive financial plan for clients?

  3. Are they interested in what’s important to you and listen to your issues?

  4. Are they happy to refer you to someone else if he or she thinks they are not a good fit?

  5. Do they inspire you in a positive way?

  6. Do they scare you into buying a product to fill a need?

  7. Are they someone who helps you stay on track to achieve your goals?

  8. Are they someone who helps you become tax-aware of financial decisions and develops a plan to minimize the taxes you pay over the course of your lifetime?

  9. Are they someone who empowers you to thrive today while planning for tomorrow?

  10. Do they help you with responsible investment management?

  11. Does the Advisor have the right credentials and experience?

  12. Is the Advisor unbiased and transparent?

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