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What service have you overlooked investing in?

What service have you overlooked investing in?

Working in a highly competitive industry such as medicine or technology is not a career you stumble upon. It usually required a thoughtful and detailed plan created by amassing information from alumni, blogs, mentors, and tailoring their advice to your unique personality and experiences. Then it involved the execution of the plan with continuous adjustments along the way. The internships, the education, the networking, the colleagues, and of course, time dedicated to the profession, have all added up to the moment you are in now. As I think about the direction of my career, the countries I have worked in, the companies, the people, and the experiences I have had, the dots seem to have connected in unexpected and remarkable ways. As Maurya said in Running Lean, “It’s usually Plan A, B, C…Plan Z”. Founders and entrepreneurs know that there are many iterations before a final product or service is worth pitching to investors, but it still starts with Plan A. My career has moved several steps away from Plan A. I made several tweaks to pivot to the next destination, as I transitioned from institutional investment management to private wealth management and also quite literally, as I moved from the U.K. to the U.S. Above all, it’s important to start with a plan.

Vision without action is a daydream

In careers such as finance or medicine, the workload never really dies down. The few hours outside of work you have should be used for much-needed downtime. When you have a career where you memorized excel shortcuts just to shave off a few minutes in the day so you can get home a little earlier, wouldn’t you like to have the other areas of your life taken care of?

When you do finally make it home in the early hours of the morning after being on call, do you have the time and energy to think about your personal goals and dreams? Have you checked in and made sure you’re paying as little taxes as possible, have you thought about how long you want to work 80 hour weeks, or when you’d like to retire, have you considered getting married or leaving a legacy?

Financial planning creates a personal roadmap for you

Financial planning creates a personal roadmap for you. You can either choose to avoid highways taking the scenic route or choose to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible. The roadmap maneuvers and meanders with you and your changing life. The end goal is to be in control of the process and have a comfortable ride planning for closed roads or bad weather patterns.

Nearly 64 percent of Americans at the highest wealth levels ($5MM+ in investable assets) report being concerned about how they will ensure their long term financial well being. The U.S. economic system has monetized and commoditized all of our needs and the amount of money needed to do everything has become higher. It can be overwhelming to think about saving for your retirement and also ensuring you have enough to cover healthcare costs to not be a burden to your children.

Three-quarters of investors agree that it is more important than ever to future proof your wealth and agree that delaying this is not an option.

While planning does not necessitate making drastic changes, it does involve at least seeing whether a person’s savings and investment strategies can withstand sudden changes in employment or personal status.

There is priceless comfort in knowing when you’ll be able to retire with enough money to meet monthly expenses, or knowing that your children have the necessary resources or being able to secure the future care of aging parents, or contributing to a cherished charity.

In the same way you took systematic and calculated steps to achieve your dream job, having a personal financial plan established increases the chances of achieving your goals, lowers your stress levels, assists with better decision making, and creates better outcomes.

We’re all prone to behavioral biases

Even self-aware intelligent people are prone to behavioral biases and skewed decision-making. Having an expert, impartial opinion before making significant financial decisions should provide you with reassurance and a better night’s rest during the limited hours you get to sleep.

The pandemic has created an opportune time to reset and refocus. The best time to plan for a crisis (personal and global) was yesterday. The next best time is now. Spare yourself the pain of knowing that you should have prepared better.

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