Why Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

This pandemic has made the inconceivable a reality. A quarter of Americans who earn more than $150,000 per year do not even have a savings account. This is a critical warning for the fundamentals of financial planning and financial education.

We get distracted living in the present moment and everything that it took to get to where we are. Once we have that well-paying job and a clear career path, we believe that we have finally arrived, when in fact, when you reach your dream job you are just at the beginning, with a long way to go.

Financial planning seems intimidating, but it is like planning for other major changes in your life. Take fitness, for example. Perhaps, you have watched videos on YouTube, received advice from your fit friends, and tried to build a personal training plan. However, it was overwhelming, so you instead decided to work with a fitness expert. They helped you figure out what worked best for your body, kept you accountable, and made your fitness goal a reality.

A financial advisor is your financial personal trainer. They will be there by your side to hold you accountable when making financial decisions, reaching your personal goals, and providing a strategic plan for your financial future.

You could do it yourself, but do you have the time, resources, and energy to think about managing your taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, college funding for your children, and more?

Everyone is prone to behavioral biases and skewed decision making. You would benefit from an impartial, expert opinion before making significant financial decisions.

A fee-only advisory firm, like Adviso Wealth, specializes in working with medical professionals and business owners who are ready to get their financial plan on track. We understand the intricacies of your medical career, industry, and the challenges of being an entrepreneur and managing a business.

With a financial plan in place, you will make better decisions and feel a sense of comfort knowing that you have a financial expert on your side. Real financial planning results in a carefully constructed living document that begins with a clear understanding of you. The document’s goals are aligned with your goals and values.

What would truly let you feel comfortable and secure each night?

  1. You have comfortable retirement savings, even if you want to retire early

  2. You can protect your children and spouse

  3. You can leave a legacy

  4. You can retain dignity if you have an illness

  5. You know that you are not missing out on any tax benefits

There is priceless comfort in knowing you will be able to retire with enough money to meet monthly expenses or knowing that your children have the necessary resources. There is comfort in securing the future care of aging parents or a special needs child or contributing to a cherished charity for an important cause.  

Planning consists of 4 steps: creating a strategic roadmap, an action list of critical milestones, making intentional decisions, and having the necessary conversations with family members.

Having a plan established increases your chances of meeting your goals, lowers your stress levels, assists with better decision making, and creates better outcomes.

Adviso Wealth is dedicated to working with people just like you. We want to give you the clarity and confidence you need to achieve your personal and financial goals.

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