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Sweta Bhargav 


Principal Financial Advisor

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I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER    and a CFA Charterholder, and I’m passionate about empowering people to have confidence in their financial decisions.

I founded Adviso Wealth, a fee-only financial planning firm in Greater Philadelphia to help our clients optimize their income, invest smarter and reduce taxes. 


Our mission is twofold: We must educate and empower our clients to live fulfilled lives by identifying what is enough, building a plan that takes them in that direction and keeping them on track when they falter.


Prior to founding Adviso Wealth, I was the lead analyst for investment research and solutions for over $3 billion at Merrill Lynch. I was involved in tailored asset allocation strategies for High-Net-Worth individuals where I analyzed investment accounts, monitored concentrated positions for clients, and provided bespoke investment research. I have worked with clients from a variety of states across the US, at various stages of life and helped them successfully navigate and resolve complex challenges at the intersection of life and money.


While my experience at these firms was important in developing my skill set, the focus of these firms was on meeting their financial targets, not putting clients first. I wanted it to be different for you.


Adviso Wealth is that solution.

When I’m not Principal Financial Advisor at Adviso Wealth, you can find me exploring new places with my husband, chasing my toddler, or passionately involved in the performing arts.


Let’s chat to discuss your unique financial situation and how Adviso Wealth can give you back your most valuable asset - TIME.